Multipurpose Spray Bottle


Therawin Multipurpose Spray Bottle can be used for a wide array of purposes in the home, office, gardening, beauty, DIY projects, etc.

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Therawin Multipurpose Spray Bottle is made of Grade A quality material and manufactured under ISO-certified guidelines.

It is untouched during the manufacturing process, non-TSE/BSE, non-GMO, and FDA-approved.

Spray nozzles make it easy to break apart fluid flow and have it released onto a spray pattern. This type of bottle makes it easy and convenient to dispense a wide variety of liquid products such as mosquito repellents, soap solutions, air fresheners, glass cleaners, garden fertilizers, surface disinfectants, alcohol or sanitizers, and more.

Fertilizing your plants is made much easier with spray bottles. Fertilizers or pesticides can be easily spread onto plants and flowers.

Also available in 60ml and 100ml spray bottles.

The 60ml transparent spray bottles are ideal to store your sanitizers, room fresheners, colognes, or facial mists while on the go. Since these are pocket-sized, you can store them easily in your bag, coat, drawer, or car.

The 100ml and 500ml spray bottles are ideal for homes or bathrooms to secure your sanitizers, disinfectants, room freshers, deodorizers, fabric fresheners, etc. Since they are transparent, you can easily identify what’s inside or you can also put a simple label for safety.


60 ml x 5, 100 ml x 5, 500 ml x 3


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