Empty Bottle with Cap


Therawin Empty Bottle with cap is BPA-free and made of Grade A-quality, food-grade materials for multipurpose home and industrial uses.

Available as: 60 / 100 ml bottles with screw cap and 100 ml flip top cap bottle

Packing: Pack of 5


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Therawin Empty Bottle with cap is Non-TSE/ BSE, Non-GMO, and produced under ISO-certified guidelines.

Since it is clear and transparent, it is easy to identify what’s stored inside. These can be used for organizing your kitchen, living and bed rooms, or craft area.

Creative people can find clear bottles with caps to be very useful in organizing art and craft materials such as buttons, sparkles, glitters, and more.

It’s easier to organize small craft materials in clear bottles, and you can even sort them by color making make organizing fun and aesthetic.

Keep your art station clean and organized with transparent bottles. Rangoli colors, sparkles, and glitters can be kept in clear transparent bottles to avoid spillage and preserve their quality.

Confetti and small cut-ups can also be organized by bottle.

Powder or soil samples can be stored in this transparent bottle.

If you need to organize herbs and spices, clear bottles with caps are a great idea. It also adds a touch of minimalism and uniformity to your kitchen and pantry.

If you’re traveling or always on the go, you can store your toiletries in 60ml clear bottles. It will be easier for you to identify what’s inside the bottle and the cap can prevent spillage and leaks.

This multipurpose bottle is an excellent addition to your organizing hacks for your home, office, garden, and DIY projects.

Also available in 100ml bottles.


5 x 60ml, 5 x 100ml Flip top cap, 5 x 60ml Amber Colour


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