Purified Demineralised Water 5 Litre Bottle

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Therawin Purified Demineralised Water is safely formulated and ideal for batteries, inverters, laboratory, and steam appliances.

Therawin Purified Demineralised Water is ultra-pure and salt-free formulation to ensure that your batteries, machines, and other industrial equipment remain in top condition.

Purified water helps extend the life of batteries and devices. There are numerous industrial equipment that needs a specific kind of water to ensure that they run smoothly for longer. Using this type of water is a key component in extending battery and device life.

It is packed in 100% virgin, high-quality, BPA-free materials and is commonly used as a fluid for home and car batteries.

You can also use it to clean a wide selection of household products without worrying about chemical reactions or corrosion. Aside from being highly compatible with batteries, it can also be used in nebulizers, glass fixtures, steam presses, coffee makers, and more.

Small amounts of this water can be used as a cleansing mist or as a makeup remover.

You can also bring this inside your car and use it as a windshield and wiper fluid.

Due to the fact that it contains no salts, minerals, or other substances that may alter the experimental results, this type of water is recommended to get precise experiment or laboratory results.

In diagnostics and laboratory settings, demineralised water is used for urine, blood, and other pathology tests.

Wash glasses and delicate laboratory apparatus with this water. This is also used in most research and development laboratories.

Aside from its industrial uses, purified demineralised water can also be an essential ingredient for soap-making, herbal products, cosmetics, home remedies, and DIY projects.


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