Citric Acid

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Therawin Citric Acid is food-grade, additive free, paraben-free, and preservative-free. It is a 100% pure formulation.

Pack: 250 gm

Therawin Citric Acid is 100% pure powder and produced under ISO-certified process.

Citric acid is a versatile kitchen product that can be used as a preservative, flavoring agent, pH regulator, or a general food additive.

Therawin Citric Acid has a sour lemon taste and comes in an unscented, crystal form.

If you want to add a fresh and distinct zesty taste to sauces, soft drinks, pickles, salads, and more, citric acid is a good option.

Using citric acid to clean your dishes and utensils is a good eco-friendly alternative.

Citric acid can also be used as a cleaning agent, a perfect alternative to harsh chemicals.

If you don’t like dipping your fruits and vegetables in artificial cleansers, citric acid is an effective alternative.

It can help keep vegetables and fruits fresh and flavourful.

Citric acid is a known kitchen essential as it is a very useful component in bread making, canning, sprouting, preserving, drying, freezing, or jarring various types of food.

You can use citric acid as a natural preservative.

If you are planning to make homemade cheese, citric acid can also be used for making flavourful and high-quality cheese.

Aside from being a cleaning agent in the kitchen and other household areas, citric acid can also be used to restore the gleam of jewellery and other metallic accessories or fixtures.

It is also commonly used to clean glass and sinks. It’s a much safer cleaning alternative because it doesn’t emit a strong, chemical-like smell, unlike artificial house cleaners.

You can also use citric acid as part of your beauty regimen to remove dead skin cells.


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