Global Certifications

Active in both domestic and international markets, Therawin Formulations complies with current good manufacturing practices (GMP) or Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) as established by the World Health Organization (WHO), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

ISO Certification

To obtain this certification, a company must establish, record, implement, maintain, and track a system of management which adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 standards. Once this is in place, the company may request that an accredited conformity assessment body (CAB) or certification body (CB) to conduct an audit. A company may implement this standard prior to or without a certifications audit.


WHO-GMP Certification

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) outlines protocol which ensures the highest quality for ingredients, diagnostics, foods, products and devices in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. These practices span the entire production process, from testing to manufacturing, and apply to any factor which may influence or alter the quality of the resulting product, including factors which final testing may not detect.

GLP Certification

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) is a set of universal principles practiced worldwide. This establishes a system of quality management controls for organizations, companies, and research laboratories. It ensures the consistency, regularity, integrity and quality of pharmaceutical tests by addressing the way in which researchers plan, perform, track, document, report, and archive data.

This data enables laboratories to assess potential risks to consumers and the environment. GLP protocol applies not only to pharmaceuticals, but to other applications as well, such as: veterinary medicine, agricultural products, cosmetics, industrial chemicals, food, and food additives.

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