Empty Amber Bottle with Cap & Dropper


Therawin Empty Amber Bottle with cap and dropper is made of multipurpose food-grade materials that serve a variety of home, beauty, and medicinal purposes.

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Therawin Empty Amber Bottle with cap and dropper is manufactured under ISO-certified procedures and made with Grade A quality materials.

These bottles are non-TSE/ BSE and non-GMO. They are a popular choice to store various liquid products in the personal care and pharmaceutical industry. Essential oils and DIY home remedies can also be stored in these bottles as well.

A lot of drug products, chemicals, or medications are photo-sensitive which means that exposure to light could affect or degrade their quality. Amber bottles help prevent loss of potency, adverse oxidation and biological effects, and overall efficacy.

Manufactured and hygienically packed in 100%-virgin, food-grade & BPA-free materials, these bottles are untouched when packed, and can be used to store essential oils, medications, photo-sensitive chemical samples, perfumes, serums, beauty products, and more without worrying about contamination or alteration.

These can be used to store and dispense essential oils.

These bottles are leak-proof, which makes them ideal for travel and on-the-go storage and dispensing of perfumes, oils, and other liquids.

Their pocket-friendly size makes it easier to store and carry along your favorite oils, perfume, lotions, serums, or liquids.

These 30ml amber bottles are versatile as they come with a cap and a dropper. You can use the dropper to regulate the amount of liquid to be released and you can replace it with a cap if you want to secure the liquid properly without any risk of spills or leaks.

Ideal for chemical samples, liquid medications, essential oils, perfumes, colognes, food colorings, cosmetics, serums, and more.

Also available in 15ml bottles.


30 ml, 15 ml


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