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Therawin 100% Pure Beeswax is raw, unscented, cosmetic-grade, and free from additives – perfect for homemade lotions, candles, essential oils, soaps, cosmetics, lip balms, and other beauty and skincare needs.

Packing: 250g/pack

Therawin Pure Beeswax is produced with ISO-certified standards, giving you Grade A beeswax packed in 100% virgin, food-grade & BPA-free material.

Known as the first plastic in history, beeswax primarily acts as an effective waterproofing agent and lubricant.

Apply this to hard-to-open wooden cabinets and drawers without damaging the surface as it serves as a thin coating to make the rails slide smoothly.

It can be used to naturally polish wood and leather which makes it an eco-friendly alternative rather than using harsh chemicals and substances.

A perfect conditioning agent for wooden cutting boards.

Beeswax is an essential component in candle-making. Make your own candles and blend your preferred scents at home.

It can also be used for art and craft acting as a casting agent for metals and glass, or as a medium for encaustic paintings.

When it comes to skincare, beeswax is an indispensable product known to keep pores from clogging as it is safe even for acne-prone skin types. The natural barrier helps keep skin soft, supple and hydrated by effectively preventing water loss. It’s like using all-organic collagen for your skin!

This is a popular, organic skin-softening ingredient that boosts skin elasticity. It’s gentle enough to be used on the lips as a natural lip balm.

While beeswax is known to have an indefinite shelf life, it’s best to store it in cool and dry conditions.

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