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Therawin alcohol-based hand sanitizer keeps your whole family safe and protected from germs, bacteria, and viruses anytime, anywhere.

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Therawin alcohol-based hand sanitizer is made from ethyl alcohol & hydrogen peroxide. It has glycerol to prevent your skin from getting dry.

It also comes in a convenient pocket-sized bottle to ensure that you and the whole family can sanitize your hands and disinfect your things any time of the day.

The sanitizer has all FDA-approved ingredients to ensure that you get a pure, no-fuss, disinfectant.

Since it is alcohol-based, you don’t need to mix or rinse it with water. Just apply it to your hands and you’re all set!

It kills 99.9% of germs to ensure that you and the whole family are safe and protected from diseases.

The small bottles are very convenient to use – you can put a bottle in key locations of your home. Hang them on the door knobs, carry them around in your pocket, put a bottle in your purse, or add a bottle to your kid’s and husband’s lunch box to make sure that they can clean their hands at school, at play, or at work.

Putting harsh alcohol on your skin frequently may lead to dryness and irritation. Choosing alcohol with moisturizing properties can make a big difference and can make disinfecting more enjoyable. Infused with glycerine, Therawin Hand Sanitizer won’t dry your skin no matter how many times you use it in a day.

Therawin alcohol-based hand sanitizer also comes in a globally-recommended gel-based formula which makes on-the-go application easier. It’s more convenient as you enjoy lesser spills and splatters, and more protection against bacteria, germs, and diseases.


50 ml spray – pack of 20, 50 ml flip-top cap – pack of 20, 100 ml spray – pack of 10, 100 ml flip-top cap – pack of 10, 500 ml spray, 500 ml flip-top cap, 500 ml dispenser, 500 ml trigger, 5 litre, 5 ltr + mist 500 ml + dispenser 500 ml, 5 ltr + 10 x 50 ml, 5 ltr + mist 500 ml + dispenser 500 ml + 10 x 100ml, 5 ltr + 10 x 100ml, Sanitizer Gel 20 x 50ml

2 reviews for Hand Sanitizer

  1. Samarth

    Too good, got a better deal here then Amazon & Flipkart .

  2. Anjali

    Nice product

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