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Therawin CHG Spray Sanitizer is an ideal disinfectant for the whole family. Formulated with the extra power of chlorhexidine to provide 99.9% protection against germs, bacteria, and diseases.

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Therawin CHG spray sanitizer is an all-around disinfectant that requires no water or rinsing. Bring this anywhere and be confidently protected from 99.9% of germs. No need to worry if you don’t have access to soap and water.

Simply put a coin-sized amount on your palm and rub them briskly until dry.

It has fast-acting, germ-killing action to protect your skin from contaminants.

Even though it has an advanced formula, it is infused with glycerine to help prevent dryness and moisturize the skin. This makes it safe and gentle enough for daily use.

It comes with a clean and pleasant smell that’s not too strong or over-bearing.

Spray anytime, anywhere, and experience the best anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection.

This is a must-have at home, in the office, at school, in the playground, while doing your groceries, or eating out at a restaurant.

Airborne germs and bacteria can make you susceptible to diseases. Stop the spread of germs on the spot by protecting yourself with the spray sanitizer.

If you are entering or using a public area, such as an escalator, elevator, public toilet, or commute, make sure to protect yourself from unpleasant germs, odor, and dirt with this germ-killing sanitizer

Protect your family with the Therawin-guarantee. Our products are manufactured under certified manufacturing standards and we ensure stringent quality control at all levels.

Make sure to put a bottle of the Therawin CHG spray sanitizer in key parts of your home, in your car, in your bag, and in the whole family’s bags to ensure that they can disinfect their hands and personal stuff on the go.

Also available in pocket-sized bottles.


100 ml spray – pack of 10, 500 ml spray, 500 ml flip-top cap, 500 ml dispenser, 500 ml trigger, 5 litre

2 reviews for CHG Hand Sanitizer

  1. Shaurya

    Now no more tension in using school washrooms

  2. Anjali

    Very good product & quality

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