Propylene Glycol


Therawin Pure Propylene Glycol is useful for making DIY or homemade lotions, soaps, toners, moisturizers, facial creams, body or facial masks, scrubs, conditioners, deodorants, and other beauty and bath products.

Packing: 500 ml/ 5 ltrs

Therawin Pure Propylene Glycol is packed following ISO-certified standards. It is unscented, additive-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

This is a must-have if you’re into making your own soaps, massage oils, cosmetics, lotions, and natural home remedies.

Propylene glycol is a well-known humectant that effectively delivers water-based ingredients into the skin for optimum absorption.

When mixed with beauty products, it can help improve dull and dry skin.

This can be used as a diluter for e-cigarettes and serves as a humidity control for cigars. Adding propylene glycol to tobacco pipes can help prevent dehydration.

When mixed with hair cair products, it can rejuvenate dry, damaged, and brittle hair by moisturizing the follicles and the scalp. Get softer, tangle-free hair, and less hair fall.

Its solvent properties add vibrancy to colors of food colors, paints, and plastics.

Mixed with food, propylene glycol can dissolve colors and flavors. It can also preserve moisture.

It is an effective anti-caking agent, preventing food components (like grated cheese or dried soups) from forming clumps and sticking to each another. Bakers use this to make dough and starches more stable.

It can extend the shelf life of various food products by acting as a protection against deterioration triggered by oxygen.

You can use propylene glycol to create artificial fog or smoke in concerts, theatrical productions, movie sets, or fire-fighting training.

Keep away from direct sunlight and make sure to close the packaging properly when not in use.


500 ml, 5 ltrs.


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