Cocoa Powder

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Therawin Cocoa Powder is gluten-free, GMO-free, and dairy-free product, produced under ISO-quality standards, and ideal for your baking and other dietary needs.

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Therawin Cocoa Powder is unsweetened and unscented, 100% pure cocoa powder that provides health benefits along with great taste.

Theobromine is the main component of cocoa powder. Theobromine is known to help in reducing inflammation and may benefit people with heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.

Cocoa is a healthier alternative to chocolate because aside from being rich in phytonutrients, cocoa also has lower sugar and fat content. Cocoa also has fewer calories.

Cocoa powder is commonly used in making ice cream, cookies, chocolates, pudding, and other delicious desserts and pastries.

Aside from being used as a popular ingredient in making confectionary items or frozen desserts, cocoa powder can also be used in making chocolate milkshakes or hot cocoa.

Cocoa powder is a healthier alternative to sweet chocolate. Therawin Cocoa Powder is rich in powerful antioxidants (flavanols) and micronutrients (polyphenols), which may help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugars, and improve cholesterol levels.

Cocoa powder may also aid in fat metabolism while boosting the body’s energy. It is also referred to as a fat burner and may support faster weight loss.

When mixed with coffee, cocoa powder can produce a wonderful-tasting mocha drink. Just add around 1 to 1/12 spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder into your choice of coffee and enjoy the distinct and strong taste of this awesome combo drink.

Just like coffee, make sure to take the cocoa powder in moderation, since it contains small amounts of caffeine.


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