Frurich Protein Powder


Frurich Protein Powder promotes strong muscles, a healthy body, an active brain, and can provide complete nutrition for the whole family.

Pack: 200 gms

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Frurich Protein Powder is a health supplement that combines high protein, Biotin, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, 12 Vitamins, and Zinc to help build immunity, muscle mass, and overall strength.

Hydrolysed protein is beneficial for a more optimized post-workout recovery and enhances performance during physical rigorous routines.

This protein powder helps build muscle mass and boosts strength, helping you maintain a strong and healthy body.

Frurich Protein Powder is easily digested and absorbed in the gut, which promotes an optimized amino acid availability resulting in a more effective muscle protein response.

Available in a delicious chocolate flavour and ready to mix in your preferred milk or chocolate-flavoured drink.

The drink is very easy to prepare—just add around 3 spoons (or approximately 25grams) of Frurich Protein Powder to 200ml lukewarm milk and mix thoroughly.

Can be used by the whole family to boost overall health, strength, and immunity for daily optimized living.

Frurich Protein Powder is also a great protein drink for the elderly to help prevent the weakening of muscles and body tissues, which is a common problem with growing age.

Frurich provides a healthy beverage that is formulated to provide complete nutrition for the whole family. Stay healthy and boost your physical and mental performance with this healthy and energizing drink.


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