Amber Bottle with Cap


Therawin Amber bottle with cap serves a variety of household and beauty purposes. It is leakproof and made from food-grade plastic.

Packing: Pack of 5 – 60 ml each

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Therawin Amber bottle with cap is hygienically untouched when packed which means that you can confidently store oils, medications, perfumes, photo-sensitive chemical samples, beauty products, and more with confidence.

It is FDA-approved, non-GMO, and non-TSE/ BSE.

Amber bottles are a popular choice to store products in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

Many drug products or medications are sensitive to light which means that any exposure could degrade or affect their quality. Therawin Amber Bottle with Cap

Just like certain medications, essential oils are popularly stored in amber bottles because exposure to light can hasten the oil expiration. When stored correctly, essential oils can have a longer shelf life.

You can mix or concoct your favorite essential oil blend in the bottle and bring it with you when you are traveling. You can also replace the cap with a roller bottle to convert it into an instant roll-on massager.

Amber-colored bottles are also a favorite aesthetic addition, adding a dash of class and color to any room or fixture. You can put dried or fresh flowers for a rustic or vintage effect.

Since they are aesthetically pleasing, you can replace all your multicolored toiletry bottles with these bottles so you can have a minimalist-looking dresser or cabinet.

The 60ml Therawin Amber bottles are very useful for traveling because you can store your favorite toiletries safely inside. You don’t need to bring with you all your big bottle shampoos, conditioners, lotions, moisturizers, toners, serums, etc.

You can also transfer your favorite cologne without worrying about affecting the scent’s longevity.


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